Stream Corridor Management Plans

Plan Overview

  • Goals
    • Enhance stream corridor stewardship on local level
    • Create future visions for local streamside communities
  • Objectives
    • Identify information gaps pertinent to future planning efforts
    • Develop research strategy for obtaining needed data
    • Assess trends impacting water quality and quantity
    • Provide guidance to communities/stakeholders on management practices that are environmentally, socially and economically sustainable
      • Provide assistance to them in adoption of these practices
    • Provide a list of actions that can be implemented to protect and improve the watershed
    • Local ownership desired to ensure effective research and implementation


    • Coordinated by Delaware County SWCD in partnership with Delaware County Planning Department
    • Funding and support provided by NYC DEP Stream Management Program

What a Plan is

    • What a Plan is
      • Voluntary program
      • Locally developed plan that defines stream stewardship for an entire community
      • Means of creating a road map to coordinate activities of:
        • Government
        • Private sector
        • Individuals
        As they live and work near streams
        • Identification of problems and issues to address:
          • Stream stability
          • Property protection
          • Flooding
          • Aesthetic, recreation and ecology
        • Opportunity for government and local groups to work together
        • Identification of funding sources for locally sponsored projects
    • What a Plan is not
      • Construction program to:
        • Fix all erosion
        • Remove all stream gravel
      • Flood prevention program
      • Sole source of implementation funding
      • Regulatory program